The Flooded Grounds of Houston

It has been heartbreaking to follow the news this week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  It is always hard to make sense of these kinds of disasters because we wonder what God’s purpose is in it.  While we cannot claim to know the answer, we do not dodge the fact that our God is Almighty and sovereign over all the affairs of this life – the good and the bad.  What is clear (Biblically) is that we are to be a people full of compassion towards those who are suffering.  It is good and right for God’s people to consider what they can do to bring relief.  Below I have attached an article from TGC that reminds us to pray, give, and serve as God’s people when our neighbors (in Texas) are in need!  I encourage you to read the article.  If you would like to give financially – there are a couple of options mentioned in the article.  Also, here is another resource that I would recommend through a church in Texas:

To all who are desiring to help those affected by Harvey, our church in the Houston area has set up a flood relief fund. 100% of the donations will go to bring relief.  Easiest to give online: click Give Online button and the select the fund as the “FOR”

Also, some have been asking about our dear friends Karsten and Paloma.  We have heard from them and they are doing ok.  They are actually supposed to be here in Ohio this weekend – pray for continued protection and if the Lord’s will, the ability to travel and be here with us this weekend!


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