Thank God for Joni Earickson Tada!

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Joni Earickson Tada’s diving accident!  I wanted to share this article with you from the gospel coalition.

Incidentally, most of you know that I trusted in Christ at the age of 16 after hearing Mark Price speak and give the gospel.  I often tell people that as far as I know that evening was the first time I heard the gospel.  The only thing I remember hearing previous to that was when I ride to school each morning and my mom would listen to WCRF and every morning I heard Joni Earickson Tada.  I truly do not remember anything specific that she said, but I remember her voice and how often she would break out into a song.

Looking back, I wonder how much seed was planted and watered through my mom and through Joni Earickson Tada…that one evening God gave increase and brought forth fruit of my salvation.  Only the Lord knows but I truly thank God for her ministry through all these years!



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